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Reputation Points System and You

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1Reputation Points System and You Empty Reputation Points System and You on Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:28 am


There comes a time in every person's life when they say "Hey, I need to make a mark on this world. I need to be remembered." Well, now you can leave a mark on the world, AND have it quantified by a whole number to rub in other peoples' faces.
This topic will demonstrate what you need to know about the Reputation Point System.

First, your Reputation (or "Rep" as all the cool kids are calling it) is for use to display your overall standing on this site.

From here on out, your reputation shall be referred to as your Social Link. It will be displayed in your profile, as well as in your forum posts.

-How to add Social Link points-

In each forum post, there will be a plus symbol and a minus symbol, as shown below:

Example 1
Reputation Points System and You ExampleStuff1

By clicking the plus symbol, you can cast your vote and give someone a Social Link point. Clicking the minus symbol has no effect, other than to show your disapproval. Points will not be deducted for that.
These points will be displayed in your forum posts as well as your profile, for everyone to see, as shown below:

Example 2
Reputation Points System and You ExampleStuff2

-Why should I do this?-
You should do it just to let people know you approve of them. Everyone likes the assurance, and there are other advantages of it as well...

-What are these other advantages?-
There are bonus tiers to obtain. Not only will you have a number to quantify your popularity, you will also be awarded a Rank, affixed to your profile. The more Social Link you collect, the higher your rank will become.

-What are these Special Ranks, and how many points do I need?-
Jesus, you're just full of questions, aren't you? Knock it off. No one likes that.
Anyway, here is a list:

Rank 0: Unknown ASS-ailant
Points: 0

Rank 2: Nobody
Points: 1-20

Rank 3: Triple Threat
Points: 21-45

Rank 4: Grim Keeper
Points: 46-82

Rank 5: Forum Junkie
Points: 83-110

Rank 6: Forum Junkie 2: The Reckoning
Points: 111-157

Rank 7: Weapon of Mass Distraction
Points: 158-209

Rank 8: Grand Exe-COOL-tioner
Points: 210-335

Rank 9: Like a Mid-Level Boss!
Points: 336-499

Rank 10: Custom Rank title of your choice
Points: 500+

Now, keep in mind, this site isn't awesome enough to update the Ranks on your profiles automatically, so you will need to notify the site Administrator when you reach the specified points for a Rank-Up.

-Okay, one more question. How does thi--No, shut up, stop asking questions. I'm tired, and I have other things to attend to.

Now go out there and be somebody! sunny

"If I woke up looking like that, I'd just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it." -Master Shake

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