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Lao's Let's Play - Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword)

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Basically, I'm doing this in hope that I at least get one more person interested in the series, as the next game (They're generally all stand alone) will soon be out for the 3DS, and by the looks, it's the best game yet. This will be a screenshot LP like normal, and of the first Fire Emblem game released in the west, known as Fire Emblem: BLazing Sword or FE7, to distinguish from the series itself.

If you know nothing about the series, it's a turn based tactical RPG, the best I can describe it is like chess, basically, known for its high difficulty, and permadeath feature of members of your army. The stories are also generally, a mix of magical and political, and more often than not, involves contries invading each other, backstabbing, assassinations, and a big bad behind it all manipulating everyone

And so, we begin!

Prologue - Girl From The Plains

Title screeeeen~

I am a travelling war tactician travelling the world, this world is named Elibe. That's my whole backstory XD I'm not even kidding. Okay, now into the actual game

Uhhh, maybe? Are you a kidnapper

Oh you can kidnap me any day! Wait, what was I doing unconscious out there? (Never gets explained wooooo)

Uhh, thanks I guess.


Yeah, I will pay you no mind!

Suddenly, bandits. This is the gameplay screen, and as you can guess, we're actually playing now!

Well yes, that generally happens when you charge towards them with your sword out.

A note here, your units can only move once per turn, and attack once per turn, you'll see in an another screenshot, each unit has a certain movement range as well. Once your units have moved, the enemy units move

Murder time~

Battles are done in a turnbased way as well, because Lyn is a fast unit, she gets two attacks per battle. So if she attacks, the battle goes Lyn -> Bandit -> Lyn. If it's the bandit that initiates the attack, it goes Bandit -> Lyn -> Lyn. While she's speedy though, she doesn't output the same damage, as you can see in those little boxes on either side with numbers in it, which have Hit Chance (out of 100%), Damage Amount (fixed) and Critical Hit chance (out of 100%). A critical hit does 3 times the fixed damage, and has a cool animation.

A bit of healing, and then off to beat the boss~


The end of that battle, things aren't looking so good...

If Lyn was a normal unit, if she died in the next battle, she'd be permanently dead. I wouldn't be able to use her ever again. But Lyn, she's a lord, aka, a plot important character, this game has 3. If any of these 3 characters die, it's Game Over. They're compulsory for deployment too, so can't avoid that by just using other characters.

Should be easy, the bandit seems to be glued to that square...

Some of a critical hit animation

^The full animation.

Level up!

Dude, you were telling me to flee for my life 5 seconds ago

Yes, tell the amnesiac to go home, how thoughtful >_>

Oh yeah, bow chicka bow wow!

Oh it wasn't the fight~

Just a little.

Well yes, you're (originally) a 15 year old girl, running off with a random stranger, not such a good look.

Well, shit >_>

Them bandits got them...

So long = less than 6 months, got it.

So, tell me what you want, what you really really want~

Really? Shit, never would have guessed.

Ehh, whatevs

Yah yah

That's what she said

Next Chapter: Footsteps of Fate


Chapter 1 - Footsteps Of Fate

Sacae is the contry we're in, a country of nomadic tribes.

Doo DOO doo DOO doo!

Where are we even going?


Hm? is not the appropriate response >_>

Oh god ._.

Why aren't you freaking out?!


Shit, he likes that...

Yeah, good idea...

Old married couple, right here.

But what about our supplies?

>_> <_<

You got it, gurl *z-snap*

Well you do seem to be more normal...

Scratch that.

Well that doesn't sound promising >_>

Oh it's just the knights, I saw through the 4th wall


Goddamn is everyone in this freaking country a pervert?

Red and Green Rang- I mean, Knights, to the rescue

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Well fuck you too, Sain >_>

Sain being scriptedly useless




Kent being far less useless, and Lyn finishing the scripted battle

More Sain being useless


Because he's an idiot.


I love you Lyn XD


Level up~

Everybody forgets about me T_T

Sucky Sain gets a sucky level up


A bit of country info

Oh boy, exposition time ahoy

Oh hey, Lyn, that sounds like your name. PLOT TWEEEEEST

Looks like your secret's out hun.

Well ain't that nice of him >_>

Yep, cause you're the only one who notices me. Am I your imaginary friend or something?

I'll come anytime you want me to.

Next chapter: Sword Of Spirits


Chapter 2 - Sword of Spirits

Exposition time!

Woo, free stuff! I hope.

Hell yeah, free sword~

Are you calling her a savage?

Great, someone's beat us to steali- I mean, aquiring it.

It could be a wall decoration

Glass? Really?


Well, so are we, just in a more kosher way, you know

What are you, blind?

So you're encouraging us to break down the walls of a sacred altar...



He's some knight from a different country, no, he doesn't know.

Oh, she's just in your neighbour's house, getting told to break down walls.

All the chances?

I guess you could say...*puts on sunglasses* we broke Glass.


Yep, and I'm her imaginary friend!

We did just kill the guy that was trying to kidnap it

Wut. But you didn't have the sword.


Quick, while he's giving it to us!

That can't be a good sign...

But, I thought it was your spell, not spirits...


Nah, they wouldn't give me an ultimate weapon this early into the game, I'm still in the tutorial!

Nope, you're just the last of your tribe, heir to a state thingie in Lycia, and now with a super spirit sword.

Oh, so this is where we're headed.


Now I'm going to come over to you myself and kick your ass.

Why do you want this place anyway, didn't look to be anything fancy.


I think the fact he's not dead yet shows you've blundered >_>

*insert evil laugh here*

Next Chapter: Band Of Mercenaries


Chapter 3 - Band Of Mercenaries


And yet, we're not even fighting the bandits you mention...

Wow, this place looks like a dump.

I believe we're still in Sacae no-


Wow, they're efficent O_o

Avengment mission a go go?


Why is every man in this game a rapist >_>

Stop proving my point!

She roughed you up?

*dies laughing*

Uhh, her?

Oh, a pegasus. And, surely we'll be entering soon.

Lyn knows her? Wut.

I never would have guesssed... >_>

What is it with people and following Lyn?

Can you not see the place is ruin- Oh wait, it's not ruined over here, okay then.

Oh no, you didn't XD


Obviously not, I mean, look at these thugs

and back come the rape inplications...


Umm, wut.

Well at least someone is reasonable around here

Holy crap, it's a reasonable guy! He must be gay.

Cause, you know, there's a shitton of angry bandits like...4 squares away from you guys.

Hai Wil

Score, more cannon fodder!

Wil and Florina in battle.

Umm...That's just Wil.

She looks like she's afraid of her own shadow.


You're definitely gay, Wil. None of the straight men yet have been reasonable at all.

Free monies!

This won't end well...

I don't think that's it...


Cause she needs to join a merc band to finish becoming a Knight.


Yep, that's going super well for you.

And we're all still mostly male. Hey wait a sec, you didn't even ask Wil!

Sure, why not?

We're broke too, just FYI.

Epic facepalm in the back.

Next Chapter In Occupation's Shadow


Chapter 4 - In Occupation's Shadow


Of course not

Why? We kinda humiliated them pretty bad, you know.


Persistent, aren't you?

Oh, he's so mad he just wants to kill us :D


Oh dear, a pink haired pigtailed girl wandering through a forest alone >_>

Oh wait, she's not alone, she's with a...uhh...him? Her? Whatever, generic pretty anime person

Wait, Erk? Erk is its name? That's a death cry, not a name >_>

Well, I'm leaning towards guy now.


Oh dear...

Hey, you were the one that accepted the job

That's not the appropriate reaction... >_>

No, they're really not

Serra stop being a brat >_>

Oh, he is a boy. And she's a...I have no words...

Erk and Serra, Serra's a Cleric, so a healing unit, and Erk's a mage.

One battle later...

Oh god, Sain...

Don't tell her that!

Great Sain, look what you did.


Join the club, Erk >_>

Oh, back to see the backstabber then

I think he's mad, guys.

Next Chapter - Blood Of Pride


I just realised I missed a chapter T_T You just missed more bandit attacks, and the recruitment of Dorcas, an axe wielding brute. So now I've fixed up the chapter numbers, and we're good to go.

Chapter 6 - Blood of Fate

Woo, assasination attempts >_>

Araphen, that is.

What's the catch? >_>

Kent, you pyromaniac!


Suddenly, mounted archer rescue!


No you weren't Rath!

Meanwhile to the north!

Holy crap someone who cares about strangers invading her house


I'm getting used to it.

Me, duh.

So you're a thief.

And I hired him for free wooo

That's true, we are a bundle of fun and attempted murder!

Nice typo, localisation team.

With pleasure~

Sounds good to me!

What? No that's not what I said!

Oh god.

No, no you're really not ><

Oh, so you know her, Matthew.

Just then~

Not so hidden now XD

Yep, she is.

Fuck you.


Tainted oh so that's your problem, you're racist >_>

I want to end this guy, so bad D:<

You go gurl!

As if >_>

How do they not?!

Here comes the racism again!

Rath joins the party!

Next Chapter - Siblings Abroad



Sidetrack time! XD

Oh, hello little boy with ice blue hair and red eyes ._.

Oh come on, the boy just wants a hand

I guess he only wanted a one night stand, boy

Umm...I think you need your eyes tested.

Oh wow, she's pretty~

We're a-comin, gramps!

Lyndis' Legion, bitches!

I really don't think this kid's gonna hurt me...


Why hello again rape inplications, how we've missed you...

Oh god, Sain ><

Uhh, I don't know either kid.

Her uterus kicked in

Fuck yeah.


Didn't I already answer this a few chapters ago? I AM THE DRILL THAT PIERCES THE HEAVENS

Of course it concerns us, these kids are obviously plot important!

I...haven't heard that myself.

Oh, pretty girl is back!



The more the merrier, Mr Trap.

Lucius, aka Mr Trap, in battle


Although his songs are sort of useful...

They allow a unit to move twice in one turn.

Mages, duh.

And that's bad and you should feel bad.


Nils did.

You don't know me bud.

You look plot important too

Well, it shouldn't rust in such a short time...


No, I believe I was striking your body.

Well, shit.

With the stragglers probably.

Or in the hands of her red headed future husband, that works too.

Oh, I met some blue haired angry dude looking for you.

Well yes, one generally is upset when they get kidnapped.



Yay, someone who isn't trying to kill me!

Her eyes are open, Nils >_>

Hell yeah-


Oh, sacred dancing. Borrrrring

Oh, special talents, eh?

Exactly, there's a woman, of course he'll let them join.

Why don't we throw him Lucius?

Well yes, they did kidnap your sister, of course they're curs.

I don't know who the hell that is.

That we need to go and kick some ass?

Bitch, pls.

Next Chapter - The Black Shadow



Wheee, sidequest

Yay, running into a trap?

Death to the failures!


*snort* I just want more exp.

Nah, really? >_>




Damn, I wanted to kill him >_>

Sex toys.

Ring acquired! Now back to the story XD


Chapter 8 - Vortex of Strategy

Gramps...? :(

Well that's no use to us if gramps is already dead.

They had better not, or I'll kick their ass.

That generally happens in enemy territory

Well whaddya know, these kids can see the future.

Great, so we have armies and siege engines to deal with. Don't you think Lungdren's going overboard?

The hell, Matthew?!

-My- posessions, you mean >_>

Well, we're not moving cause I'm wasting your ballistae bullets.

No, just broken XD

I don't think the reinforcements are gonna help you when you're dead, mate.

Oh great, lots of turncoats then.

First sensible thing out of Sain so far.

Well, probably not, but sure, whatevs.

No thanks to you >_>

I could have told you that.

It's painfully obvious.

Way to make me feel bad, Kent >_>

Oh no...


Next Chapter - A Grim Reunion


Chapter Nine - A Grim Reunion

Eliwood will pull through, just by merit of his hair.

Told ya.

Could always, you know, to the side.

Oh yay, Fog Of War. To those who don't know, Fog of War is literally a fog effect where you can't see the majority of the map, and therefore, the enemies, but they can see you just fine.

That sounds like our next roadblock.

Yes Matthew, you're a thief. And for running off on me, I'm not going to pull a Locke on you either.

Not to your face I haven't.


Okay, murder him quickly boys.

They really aren't >_>

Goddammit rape implications, I thought I got away from you!

It's all in the eyes, apparently.

Yay, someone useless to add in (You'll see why soon)

You would, Lyn.

More the tutorial is forcing me to waste it on you >_>

Okay quick explanation time, using a crest or seal allows your units to upgrade to a higher version of their class. In this case, Wallace will go from a Knight...

To a General.

Now, why do I say he's useless? Because a promoted unit at this level just sucks exp from the weaker guys, which I don't want to happen. So, he gets relegated to just taking hits for me.

Yes yes, you have stupidly big armour, now shut up.


*acquired Torch*

No one with half a brain does.


Time for some boss unique conversations!



It's what Lyn has instead of hips.

Sain, what is this, you've made sensible comments two chapters in a row now!

And cause you keep attacking me, I'll have to kill you.

God, I know! I got it the first 3 times >_>

Working on it.

Yeah, he did, obviously. Did you not hear his death quote?

Yep, that's what the random NPC told me.

Feeling's mutual.


Fiend doesn't quite cut it I think.


Because you should have killed your brother at birth?

Oh shut up Lundgren, you're next to die.

Next Chapter - The Distant Plains


Chapter 10 - The Distant Plains

Well it just so happens I have this army...

Ya think?

I think she's mad...

Yeah, she's mad.

Your final test, you mean!

No, I'm here for the rainshowers.

I'm still gonna have to pay for them though, aren't I?



I had to give Lyn the kill, she deserves it.

Eat dirt, sucker.

If he's still alive ><


Oh...uh...never mind then.



Well, that part's true

Nope, I would never die!

The hell you're dying after the shit we did to get here!

That's bullcrap


Quick, it's Sain, say no!

Yay gramps!

Yay utterly forgettable Florina!

Looks like I have some competition for Lyn's affections...

Well, fuck.

At least one sane person is sticking around.

Yep, the plot calls~

Master of the reset button.




I think it's just cause he's a rule stickler

Sain, you never change...


Noooo! Don't change Wil!

*yawn* Dorcas, stop being boring.

Legendary alright >_>

Smart boy, smart boy.

Sounds like him.

>_> <_< Really? That's all I get?

Just so long as they aren't being randomly kidnapped.

Probably his pimp.

Good riddance.

Huh, well, I guess travelling it is.

Well yes, put a country girl in the city, she's gonna pine for the country.

NEXT CHAPTER - Taking Leave


Chapter 11 - Taking Leave

*hits the timeskip button*

Sounds important to the current day! :o

Oh, never mind.


And home of wyverns.

Yes, wyverns are a completely seperate thing to dragons in this case.


The mage nation, and home of our gender bending mage and monk. Also the home to the major religion in the world.

The nomadic tribes own this plain. So, horseback archers, and super fast swordsmen and women.

The snowy wasteland of the north, where the pegasi are found. Because Ilia's such a mess, it survives solely by training warriors to become mercenaries to support the nation.

The den of bandits, fighters, berserkers, and just about anyone who can wield an axe. Oh, and mines, the islands are mineral rich.

He really got the short stick. They're not kidding, Nabata is a giant ass desert, nothing lives there.

And this is where our heroes live! Huzzah!

Given this is a Fire Emblem game? I give it a chapter, maybe less.

AKA, Eliwood's pad.


Psh, someone with a moustache like that can't die so easily.



Ewww, Marcus. He's our Jeigan, folks.

A Jeigan=A super strong, upgraded character you get at the beginning, but with shitty growths, so if you use him, you're gonna regret it.

It's an archetype of Fire Emblem, but from FE8 onwards, they've really sort of thrown out his archetype, and replaced it with the Oifey archetype, which is basically the same, except they have decent growths, so useable in th endgame.

You really take after your father.

Of course, if he dies, we get game over.

He knows the secrets of the moustache!

Her face looks funny...

yay >_>

Yay! We're not alone!

No, they haven't. Just, FYI before you do something stupid.

Never mind.

This is Lowen? How the fuck does he see?

It's always bandits.

You better not be Sain 2.0

She looks pretty neat!

But wait, I'm not here to help you yet Eliwood!

Gentlemanly of you, Eli

Ladies and gentleman, we have our second archer


Oh, it's just me >_>

Yo Eli~ Been a while~

Oh stop it, you~

Time for usto kick butt like the old days.

Eliwood, Rebecca and Lowen, respectively.

Freaking Dorcas >_>

That's generally what we do.

Bartre and Dorcas join the party.

Well seeing as everyone knows, I best expect some traps.

Ooh who?

Oh wait. Me >_>


No, that's a mercenary, not the knights XD

Hey Rebecca's dad.

With who?


Thank you >_>

In fact, he's probably going to invade us.

I'm just gonna stalk you, don't mind me

Next Chapter - Birds of a Feather


Chapter 12 - Birds of a Feather

Probably nothing.

Well Mr caped golden eyes looks friendly >_>

Staggering powers of deduction.

Well that implies he knows something.

Oh, he knows something alright

>_> <_< That doesn't soung good...


Isn't that what we've been doing for 11 shots now?

Oh this was my pplan? I'm surrounded by idiots >_>

The invisible bandit might get you!

I knew it >_>

Shut up Dorcas.

On the right track at least.

He does have a mini army with him.

Oh, you're Eliwood's friend.

Says the guy trying to kill another lord.

Incoming badassery

Boom, 1HKO!

Oh god, she's back

And wannabe Locke!


To arms!

Funsucker >_>

Our 3rd and final Lord, Hector

Funsucking ranga, Oswin.

Kicking assassin ass.

My turn.

Well when a mummy Hector and a daddy Hector love each other very much...

You lucked out namewise, Hector.


Hector's 'companions'


You deserve it.


Well, that sounds nasty

Of course >_> Someone's always stalking us.

Oh yeah, that random soldier dude you murdered.

Yeah, that sounds like a normal day.

I think someone MIGHT want you dead. Just so you know.

Lao, bitching strategist of Lyndis' Legion.

>_> Screw you Hector, I'm the reason you're not dead.

Trapped in timeskip hell until recently.

Oh great >< More stalkers.

Oh god.


I never-




People trying to kill you, related to your father disappearing? SURELY NOT.

Probably nothing.

He didn't almost kill us. He tried, but we kinda kicked ass.

This isn't going to end well

Oh not these suckers again.

You're quite polite about this.

Oh no, there we go.

Stabby stabby.

Why thank you Captain Obvious.

Oh hey, he looks like the last guy's brother or soemthing.

More people trying to kill us...

And your head entirely.

Yes, yes it does.

Oh hello, non-generic face sprite.

Too bad, kid, you'll be losing it one way or another today XD

Yes, gold makes the world go round.

Oh this sounds like a good story XD

Dude, passing out and then finding a dude over you? Not a good sign.

Wait a sec.





You're far too happy about this.

You sound like an capatalist White Rabbit...

Sidequest get!

Yeah, he's an idiot.

That's exactly where I'm going.


A swordsman?


(This game came before TotA though)

Hai guy~

Is that what you call it now.

He did kinda turn a blade on our lord 5 seconds ago.

Nah, I reckon Matt would beat you in a one on one fight.

Wait, what?

Oh, he owes you his life XD

Told you XD One way or another, you'd be losing your job.

And Guy switches sides~

Guy's a myrmidon, fast, evasive swordsmen/women with massive critical hit bonuses.

Yep, your sellswords sucked.

Time to show you Hector's bite XD

Oh well.

Pshh, too late my ass.

So you mean I did all this visiting for nothing then. Great.

Pff, I've kicked their ass before.

Find a new one?

Sidequest time~

Can we go see Lyn?

Yes Hector, that's generally what happens when it gets dark.

Yes, let's see Lyn!

Screw you Eliwood, I want Lyn D:

He was kinda instrumental, nothing big.

Oh yeah.

And yet, you won't let me see her :(

Nice deflection.

Oh, someone actually is being attacked.

Hector being badass is normal

I don't quite think we're prancing...

How do you know my name?

So you're useless then. Great.

And then they gave me money.

Please stop talking.

Don't turn down freebies Eli!

As well as his IQ.

Yeah, gratitude is cool for a change.

I-what?? ._.



I haven't killed you yet, Eli, nothing to be afraid of.

More spying on us >_>

Damn, cloak dude (Ephidel, more accurately) travels fast.

I really think you underestimate me.

You mean the brother of the guy I'm travelling with? You really suck at this scheming business.

>_> I can't deny that.

Sorry man, but your son's a gonner.

Innocent sounding enough...

Less stupid then I thought you'd be Eli.

Well, that disguise fell quickly.

Thanks Hector~


Hector's manners in full display.

She costs a little money, but she's useful.

So long as you don't die. Yes, your supply storage can die, he's a immobile (Generally) unit on the map, and can be killed like everyone else.

No thanks, I like giving my other units EXP.

Yay Erk~

No :o

I was gonna kill this guy anyways, but thanks for another reason to~

Oh, this must be the girl they were talking about.

And Erk must be her escort!


AKA, that girl's village. i'm on a timer if I want to save her.

And here they come....

Poor guy...

I...I just...

First sane idea out of her yet.

Erk rejoins the party!

No, he's not ditching his kid...

He's fucking ditching his kid.

I feel kinda sorry for him now...

>_> <_< I will end Lahus.

No, House Pherae.

*An Australian Tactician.

Lycia doesn't have a throne >_>

Nope, you're our prisoner.

And, I managed to rescue the girl, Pricillia, a Troubadour, or mounted staff wielder.

Uhhh, you're all nobles here.

He kinda id, and yeah, Ephidel was the catalyst.

Then make Lahus have the influence Ositia does, not decide to overthrow them >_>


I...wut. That really doesn't seem in character...

And after that...he disappeared...

Neither can I >_> Something's not right.

Hear hear



Given this chapter title mentions Caelin, I'm betting we're heading there.

who knows...Hector, why the hell is your brother not doing anything, we kinda look like the villains here, and he's the closest to the king Lycia has.


Oh, drahon land?

Otherwise, invasion time ._.


Lyndis is too busy kicking ass to be captured. Gramps though...


Told you Lyn would be too busy kicking ass.

And Gramps is trapped as expected ><

Yeah, that's all pretty accurate.

We're one step ahead of you Lyn~

We're not there anymore, don't worry, you'll see us on the way.

And so, she landed on Eli's head.

Because Lyndis is a BAMF

Quick step Eli,can't let a girl show you up.

Yes, the motley band of fools who drove you from your own country

Yes, I stole the cookie from the cookie jar, I'm sorry.

Murder like the good old times.

Oh you~

Now this map, I'll be starting Support Conversations! Basically, it's a set of conversations 2 characters can get when they stand by each other resulting in conversations and statistical bonuses, and in some cases, changing those characters' endings.

I got a few this map, so here they are~

Oooh, cold.

When did she grow a bitch bone XD

Erk, you're being a little over the top.

Erk O_o Give the woman some space!

Oh Serra?

There's a man out there like her!?

No, I think you're safe.

Hoo boy, you're gonna regret that Hector.

Just keep digging that hole Hector, maybe you'll reach Magvel.

You're in trouble~

And the final conversation for this map.


I ask myself that every day.

Words, I have none.

Poor guy.

Mean, but probably true.

I don't think you quite get the situation...

Probably stuck in that forest.

No, Hector's a little...special, shall we say.

The one and only~


Oh shit, he's sstarted hitting on me too!

Not in real time, it's been about 7hrs

How could I forget? Miss Afraid-of-men-so-I'm-going-to-land-pegasi-on-them.

Me too Lyn, me too...

Gramps! :D







Dead, most likelt

If there is any

Exactly what I wanna hear.

And injured. And weaponless. And probably nonexistent.

Well yes, generally I don't let the AI commit suicide.

Ooh, new individual face portrait~

Well fuck you, new dude >_>

Lucius is friends with you? :/


So, uhh, you really like your Lucius there bud.

You do know he's a dude right?


Support conversation time~

She was just being a bitch.

Oh, that's all my fault XD

Poor guy...

It never crossed your mind?

Or maybe she just doesn't like them XD

In the last support he said it was a he, remember?


Understatement of the year.

You need to stop being obvious Priscilla XD

/end supports

Yep, sharp ears.

How the...I don't even...

But Lucius :(

Yeah, I don't want you dead.

Raven, Raymond, haha.

Big bro!

Now, because I accidentally skipped through it, Raven and Priscilla here used to be the heirs to a since wiped out Lycian territory, Cornwell. Their parents were killed by House Ositia (Hector's family).

And so, he'll make sure you never speak of it.

Slightly worried about the potential homicide in the camp coming up.

Raven in battle, he's a mercenary, an all roounder swordsman sort of.

I'm a fucking girly mage.

I don't even understand that death quote.

Well we did just murder that general on it.

The bitch who finished gramps- wait, what?

Ohhhhh. So Gramps...


Is that a proposition?


Nergal, huh?

And has Eliwood's father on the Dread Isle.

Probably safer for everyone involced.

Makes sense these two know each other.

Well yes, generally a hometown is where someone is born

:o Something you're not telling me, Matthew?

I guess he just assuemd it'd be yes.



For those who can't read...Spanish, by the looks XD "In route for the coast south of Caelin"

Yeah, I am. You just wait until you see what I'm going to do to this map.

I do hope the sea surfing pirates, not the web surfing pirates. Cause if it was the later, you'd be stuffed with me helping you.

Displeased Lyn is displeased.

Of course he is, stuck here otherwise.


Lyndis maaaad.

She's not gonna be happy when the Pirate joins our party...

Pff, no.

One of each. Bluey's dumb, red's naive.

Ahh, sea pirates~

From the Arena, should be easy with savestaes~


You're telling me >_>

Probably not, cause I see pirates waiting for us

Not even I could beat him XD

None of us understand this captain's ways...

LUCY~! *glomp*

Now, a quick explanation while you can see it. See that mass of soldiers in that entryway? Well, they're all level 10 or so, with Silver and Killer Weapons. Basically, if you charge head long in, you're gonna get raped to the highest degree. Picking them off one by one though, is much more feasible, and is what I did.

This is Anna, she's in basically every FE game XD Never playable though, until FE:Awakening. She's...well, her and her sisters are kinda like Nurse Joy XD Though, they're merchants, game suspenders, tutorial characters, hint givers, basically every NPC job, her and her sisters have done it.

Time for a support~

That's what he said.



I doubt it. Just a "STRONGAAHHHH" complex

And that's the supports...for now XD

Dat monocle!

Hehe, tag

What's the catch?

Another dude as psycho as us, score!

Our only Shaman, ladies and gentlemen~ This is Canas

Yes, a Paladin with a Killing Edge, that's really what I need ><

Canas never screams, he only warbles.

You just got Lucy'd!

And another support XD

Psh, you're not a burden, you murder half the shit that's too tough for everyone else.

Yeah, I'd much rather you not stab Hector in the back any time soon

^This, so much this.


And thanks to save states and arena abuse...

This is what we call a RNG blessed Eliwood. Seriously, he's at or above average for every stat.

He's got above average attack, but other than that, at or below average

Not such a RNG blessed Hector, above average in Skill and Speed, and the extra skill is nice with his stupid inaccurate axes, but everything else at or below average.

Pretty nice Guy, above average in attack and skill, average everywhere else.

And another nice one, above average in in Skill, Speed and Resistance, average everywhere else.

Up and down XD Above average in Strength, Speed, Luck and Defense, but below average in HP and Skill.

Generally average all round.

Lucy~ Above average in every stat but Resistance <3 (5 Defense! Last time I played he only ended up with 2 defense at level 20 XD)

Above average in Luck, Resistance and Defense, but notso good in the HP and Attack department.

More defense, HP and Resistance than normal, everything else, pretty average.


We'll be quick Lyn, promise.

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