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just wondering what is everyones favorite kiddie movie? trying to find good movies to watch on substitute days in school

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Sexy Motherfuckin' Lexy
Sexy Motherfuckin' Lexy
mine is a really old one called sword in the stone, a disney movie about how merlin trained arthur and then came to the throne


Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, or The Lion King...

Any of those should be good... All of them are rather easy to make some education-related excuses for.


Knight of Void
Knight of Void
Any Pixar movie, I guess. Can't think of anything else, besides the ones Corozi listed. Maybe Hercules?

And those should be good for watching when you have substitutes. We watched Finding Nemo just a couple weeks ago in one of my classes.



Slmcknett wrote: TARDIS = Terminator Adornment Reality Destroyer Is a Sarcophagus

...Seeing as the Kids were created through ectobiology instead of sexual intercourse, it appears that fuck is as fake as magic, too.

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Lilo and Stitch is, to me, the ultimate kids' movie. The best morals delivered the most effective way, the highest emotion, and, yeah, even the zaniest and most genuinely funny shenanigans to bring the kids' attention in to begin with. It's one of the greatest movies ever made, to be honest.


Pretty much any Disney movie but good luck getting those in school considering they're more about magic than education.

You might have the most luck with The Princess and the Frog I think. <3

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