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New Additions and Features

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1New Additions and Features Empty New Additions and Features on Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:17 pm


Version 2.0 (1/4/2013)

1) Added the ability to make polls in topics in the forums.
To do this, select to make a New Topic, then scroll further down the page until you see a text field for making polls. Instructions are right in that section of the page. Happy voting, everyone!

2) Files attachments in forum posts. I don't know if we could make much use of this, but I thought it could always come in handy.
List of files supported:
Pictures : .bmp - .png - .jpg - .gif - .tif
Sounds : .mp3 - .m4a - .wma
Videos : .mp4 - .mov - .m4v - .mpg - .3gp - .3g2 - .wmv
Documents : .txt - .doc - .docm - .docx - .pps - .ppt - .pptm - .pptx - .xls - .xlsb - .xlsm - .xlsx - .pdf
Misc : .zip - .swf
The total amount of space that can be uploaded and saved in the site archives at all times is 20480 Kb (20 Mb). So, once the person who you're uploading the file for has downloaded it, please delete the post to make room for new ones. I highly suggest using compressed files ( for multiple files, as (-.7z) files are not supported. Happy attaching!

3) Role Play Character sheet functionality has been added to profiles. Go to your profile, click the RP Character Sheet tab, activate the features by clicking Generate Sheet, and then modify it from there. Happy RPing!

4) Dice Rolls/Coin Tosses added for RP and other purposes. You need to use the BBCode button at the top of the page while you're making a new forum post in order to use it correctly. You select a Dice/Coin from the drop down box, and that's it. If you place a number in between the tags, it will show the results of that many rolls/flips. Happy whatevering!!

5) Added more Contact Fields to user profiles. In addition to Skype, AIM, email contact, etc., users can add their Gamertags, PSN, Wii and 3DS FC's. Happy contacting!

6) Reputation Points have been implemented. These will also be displayed in forum posts next to the user's info. Please refer to the topic -Reputation Points System and You- in the 'Important Information Regarding Site Rules and Updates' Forum on the Homepage for further information.

--New--7) Split the forum into multiple categories to reduce clutter. Sub-categories include Introductions, Poll Topics, Music, Movies & Videos, Photosets & Images, and Communication Mediums.

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