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Rules For Posting and Forum Conduct

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1Rules For Posting and Forum Conduct Empty Rules For Posting and Forum Conduct on Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:58 pm


Version 1.2 (May 29th, 2014)


1. No pornography- This is grounds for the host site,, to erase our forum site. I would not have any say in the matter, and it would be unfortunate. As the Admin, my account now has a track record of infractions to keep track of. I'm not sure how severe the warning system is, nor would I like to test those waters.

----->No porn in the forum message boards. Ever. This includes any nudity of humans or animals. All genitalia must be covered, and no acts of sex can be depicted.

----->No porn in the Chatbox. This means no porn outside of spoiler tags. If you place any links or images of porn in clearly-marked spoiler tags, it is fair game.

2)All spoilers must be placed in spoiler tags. It does not matter if YOU don't consider something a spoiler, if you know that someone else does, then do not spoil them. If it has been established that all members of the site, absent or not, have already experienced the spoiler in question firsthand, and that no other members have any interest in the subject, then spoiler tags are not necessary, if you wish to not use them.

3) No flaming- Unless otherwise noted, do not flame a user. Everyone likes a good joke, and we all clearly have a sense of humor, but don't take it too far, don't hit any sore spots, and don't single any one user out. You may, however, flame people who are NOT forum members, if you so wish. I mean, if they aren't members here, they probably have it coming, anyway.

4) John Cusack is a universal constant- Deal with it.

5) Users may invite other people- There is no restriction to this. If you know someone who wants to become a member, or just want to get someone involved, then by all means, do it. Your judgment shall be trusted and unquestioned. Furthermore, there is no attendance requirement. Whether they become a pillar in this community, or simply an occasional visitor, their accounts here shall be maintained for them as long as they want it.

6) We do have a small list of taboo words. If you have any question about a particular word, run it by the Administrator first. Accidents happen, of course, and will be easily forgiven. In this day and age, many people can be offended by the smallest or most obscure things. Just try to use common sense, and respect other user's wishes.


1) No impromptu banning- If a user becomes so disruptive, the moderators shall have a majority vote to ban a user. If it is necessary for a temporary ban only, a suitable time limit must also be agreed upon.

----->Bot accounts, however, need no attention. You may drop the goddamn ban hammer at any time on a clearly-established bot account.

These are all the rules for now. Just abide by them, so we ensure that forumotion doesn't pull our plug.


"If I woke up looking like that, I'd just run towards the nearest living thing and kill it." -Master Shake

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