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Dissidia/Void Theory

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1Dissidia/Void Theory Empty Dissidia/Void Theory on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:14 pm


All worlds are, whether alternate universes or not, connected by the Void/Rift.(Revealed in Duodecim)

Prime example being that FF 10 canonically predates FF VII, yet they meet in Dissidia.

In Dissidia Chaos and Cosmos fight endlessly. Then when Chaos is victorius Shinryu reset's the universe so Chaos and Cosmos could continue to fight so that Chaos would gain more power to become the ultimate weapon(Keeping his end of the deal with Cid).

Cosmos = Etro
Chaos = caius

At the end of XIII-2 Caius states that no matter where Noel and Serah's journey took them, the alternate timelines all converged and concluded with Etro's death.

Seeing as the Void/Rift is the central connection point here while also asumming all these worlds end with Etro's death and exist at one point or another within XIII-2's main timeline or alternate timeline. Along with this is the fact that Lighting reaches Valhalla via the void.

The void itself has been and continues to be Gil's mode of travel to the various FF games worlds. Even if they dont all exist on the same timeline the void has to be a singular existance, the one constant that connects the various worlds in a givent universe.

In Dissidia the various characters are pulled from a particular instance in time. The fact that Gil remembers Bartz is a great display of the void being a singular entity, regardless of how large it is.

And likewise World's A and B in Dissidia are both FF1's world.

Note the word World. Not Universe, World. We only focus on a single FF's world. Not only does this open up the possibility to have more Dissidia games based upon similar threats to the worlds but also leaves vauge if that world is the only in it's universe that contains FF chars. It could be aUniverse filled with multiple. It could be a Multiverse connected only by the void.

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